Landlord-Tenant Attorneys in New York City
Landlord-Tenant and Real Estate Law


New York City Real Estate
It is a world brimming with potential and fraught with peril.  
It is a landscape of mirrored high-rises towering over modest brownstones.  
It is a world where deals are made and children play.

This is the world of New York real estate, and it is a labyrinth of
laws, regulations, risk and opportunity.


New York's commercial and residential buildings may look like a jumble of boxes, but they represent many different things to many different people.  A home, an investment, retirement income, a nest egg, a dream. 

Real estate laws exist to protect the buyer and seller, tenant and landlord, but navigating them can be as difficult as finding your way through a maze.  To protect your home or investment -- your dream -- you need a law firm that specializes in this area of practice at the exclusion of all others.  You need Thermos & Thomaidis, PC.

Real estate law - including landlord-tenant issues and commercial leasing - is all that we do.  We have the experience in negotiation and litigation that you need to master the complex world of New York real estate and come out on top.

Let Thermos & Thomaidis, PC be your guide through this world, advising you on the proper course and helping you to take advantage of every opportunity.

Thermos & Thomaidis, PC
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